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    We have so many “favorite” countries that we’ve traveled to that it is so difficult to narrow it to one best.  If we had to choose a continent, though, it is definitely Europe.  Through the decades, we’ve toured at least fifteen countries here, but this will be the first time as a group we will set foot on the ground in the Netherlands and Belgium.  There is so much to see in and around Amsterdam and Brusselsm that we only have to pack up and move hotels once on this trip.  And, we’ll really get to know these unique countries instead of rushing our way through them.  Maybe we’ll even learn a few Dutch and French words, too.

    In the Netherlands, we’ll see centuries old windmills and the masterpieces of the best Dutch artists that have ever lived like Vincent Van Gogh and Rembrandt.  We’ll visit the Anne Frank Huis, take a boat ride through the canals of the city, visit the flower market, Vondelpark, Dam Square, Museumplein, and have lengthy Dutch meals sitting outside in the many cafe’s around town.  Writing this makes me want to get on a plane right now and go straight to the Pancake Bakery on the Prinsengracht.

    In Belgium we’ll use Brussels as our home-base from which to visit, Bruges, the Venice of the north, and Ghent, another unique Flemish town in northern Belgium.  Then there are the beautiful towns to the south such as Dinant (pictured below).  I promise to give everyone the chance to decide which they like best:   Dutch pancakes or Belgian waffles?  I know my favorite.   

    These countries in Europe already have very high vaccination rates and many restaurants may require proof of vaccination status to enter.  Since most of our meals will be at outdoor cafes and on the go, Europe may prove to be an even safer travel destination than many of the cities and states in which we currently live.  This will be a wonderful trip with fantastic company.  Our days will be filled with the many delights of this region.  I can’t wait to visit Europe with all of you once again. 

We must have a minimum of 16 travelers to run this tour.