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Camper application

This questionnaire is tailored toward gaining a better understanding of the potential traveler’s level of functioning in the areas of socialization, independence and over-all level of functioning. A more detailed medical evaluation will be required to be completed once your traveler has been accepted into our program.

Important: Please answer the following questions to the best of your ability with complete honesty with regard to your answers. Remember, this is a program for those with special needs. We need to know about strengths and weaknesses to better service your traveler’s needs. Therefore, answering questions honestly and fully will contribute to a successful summer experience for all.

This is an interactive form. Please complete all Steps 1-6 and submit when all fields are completed.

Subjects covered in the application are:

  1. Independence
  2. Psychological/Behavioral
  3. Communication Skills
  4. Socialization
Note: All information supplied in this application is strictly confidential and protected by Frontier Travel Camp, Inc. This information WILL NOT be shared to anyone outside of Frontier Travel Camp, Inc. staff, GUARANTEED!

    Step 1: Traveler Information

    Step 2: Independence

    Step 3: Psychological/Behavioral

    Step 4: Communication Skills

    Step 5 Socialization

    Step 6 Submission

    Thank you for taking the time to completely and accurately complete this application. Please remember that a more detailed medical evaluation will be required once the traveler has been accepted into our program.

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