Welcome to Frontier Travel Camp!


Frontier Travel Camp, Inc. was established in 1997 as a summer camp alternative for individuals with special needs.  Our specialization in recent years has migrated to Autism travel and tours even though we continue to service a myriad of special needs diagnoses.  We believe that group trips are an ideal way to experience independence, improve social skills, and increase self-esteem in a secure and exciting environment.

Frontier travelers are high functioning individuals aged from 16+ years. They have varying learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, and/or other difficulties requiring more supervision and guidance than the mainstream camper.

Our travelers have varying special needs. Diagnoses include: Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, William’s Syndrome, and other special needs. No matter the diagnosis, our traveler’s are high- functioning individuals who are interested in making lasting relationships and in seeing the world.

Frontier Travel Camp has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada, including Hawaii and Alaska. We have also traveled throughout Europe with trips to Italy, England, Scotland, Scandinavia, Russia, and the Baltics.

We have rafted some of the best rivers in the west, hiked on some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world, and explored some of our most interesting cities and national parks.

These incomparable experiences endow our travelers with more than just priceless memories. They return home empowered by their newfound independence, confident in their ability to make new friends, and proud of their efforts to challenge themselves and try new things.

What makes Frontier Travel Camp truly special is the bond shared by all the staff, travelers, and their families. Our special needs camp is an ever-growing family. Travelers feel respected and cared for as they form friendships that they can maintain throughout the year.