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Our core values

We are committed to adhering to these core values:

1. Respect. Whether related to our special needs populations, or in our own individual lives, we have a responsibility to treat one another and ourselves with a high level of respect. We all have our own definitions of what respect means and many of us are able to express those feelings. For some, perhaps our clientele, this verbal expression and forthright understanding of this value is difficult to express. Therefore, we believe that we must set forth true and consistent example of respect every minute of every day. We believe that this positive modeling is the most effective means of teaching this core value.

2. Individualism. We believe in celebrating what makes us who we are. We all have traits that make us unique. One of our goals is to identify what makes you YOU and let everyone know how great you are for it. We guarantee that we’ll treat everyone with the respect needed so that they feel comfortable enough to celebrate their own individuality and to be proud of who we are.

3. Empowerment. We believe that the most effective and powerful tool we can provide our travelers is a sense of empowerment. We want everyone to feel that they matter and that they can make decisions for themselves and participate in all processes related to them. This sense of empowerment is invaluable when moving through the life-cycle and as independence requirements grow.

4. Communication. It is imperative that all of us realize the importance of communication. We must be able to express our feelings, be heard, and have the ability to listen to others. For us, it would be impossible to effectively succeed with all of the core values listed here without the ability and desire to communicate effectively. We facilitate communication during all facets of our trips, encourage the verbal expression of feelings whether positive or negative, in all situations. We want everyone to feel deep down that they matter, and that they are respected individuals who are independent and able to succeed in every situation.

5. Healthy Living. Frontier Travel Camp is always looking to improve the health of its travelers. We provide healthy meal choices and are constantly discussing with our group the importance of being active, eating well, and making the right choices. We’re very committed to setting a positive example and showing that regular physical activity and a healthy diet can lay the foundation for a happier, more productive, and overall improved existence.

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