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Luxury Special Needs Tours to Australia in 2017. We cater to individuals with Autism, Asperger's, Developmental Disabilities, and other special needs.
July 14, 2017 - July 30, 2017

Our 20th Anniversary trip goes to Australia in 2017

Price: $10,450


Frontier Travel Camp, Luxury Special Needs Tours, will travel to Australia in 2017.  We cater to individuals with Autism, Asperger’s, Developmental Disabilities, and other special needs.

Our 20th Anniversary trip will culminate with 17 days touring the south and eastern coasts of Australia. On July 14th, travelers will fly to LA for about 30 hours of California dreamin’. We’ll get to rest up and see some sights before boarding our flight to Melbourne, Australia on the night of July 15th. Upon arrival we’ll rest up and begin to acclimate to the new time zone in the “land down under” preparing for a whirlwind of travel as we visit the states of Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland.

Melbourne is a beautiful and vibrant city known for its excellent food, great shopping, and it’s many historical sights. And just a short drive away is Port Campbell National Park which is home to the Great Ocean Road where you’ll find the 12 Apostles (above), the London Arch, and many other fantastic natural formations. We’ll also visit Bells Beach, and Great Ostway National Park.

From Melbourne, we’ll fly to Brisbane and stay in the eastern city called Gold Coast. This metropolitan paradise is near to surfer meccas, amusement parks, and authentic “outback” experiences like the Australian Outback Spectacular where you can hold koalas and other typical Australian animals. We’ll also be a short drive away from the beautiful Byron Bay. We’ll be able to enjoy wonderful city life, relaxing beaches, and unique wildlife.

Finally, we’ll travel by land down the coast to the great city of Sydney. We’ll stay in the outskirts of town so that we can day trip all over the region. We’ll drive to the Blue Mountains to visit Katoomba, the Three Sisters and Wentworth Falls. In Sydney we’ll visit the Opera House (on the cover), the famous Bondi Beach, Darling Harbor, the Rocks shopping and restaurant districts, North Head Sanctuary, and so much more.

Our days will be nonstop filled with authentic Aussie experiences. From aboriginal arts & culture to typical city life, you can’t miss this truly once in a lifetime experience!!

Day 1 Fly to Los Angeles

Day 2 Fly to Melbourne, Australia

Day 3 Arrive early Melbourne, Australia, rest for the day

Day 4 Tour the city of Melbourne

Day 5 Port Campbell National Park, the Great Ocean Road

Day 6 Take it easy in Melbourne, shopping, and relax.

Day 7 Fly to Brisbane, Australia and check out the city

Day 8 Explore the beautiful coastal city of Gold Coast

Day 9 Experience the Australian Outback Spectacular (koalas, kangaroos, etc.)

Day 10 Spend the day in Byron Bay

Day 11 Drive the coast to Sydney, Australia

Day 12 Get to know Sydney (i.e. Sydney Harbor, the Opera House, the Rocks Shopping District)

Day 13 Aboriginal Art and history tour

Day 14 Famous Hunter Valley

Day 15 Blue Mountains (Katoomba, Watworth Falls, etc.) for some nature, hiking, and waterfalls.

Day 16 Bondi Beach, Darling Harbor, Farewell Dinner

Day 17 Fly home from Sydney

Note: Itinerary may change slightly prior to or during tour.

Tour Details

Australia 2017 is a symbolic tour we’ve been waiting decades to take.  Frontier Travel Camp staff always promised that on it’s 20th Anniversary leading Luxury Special Needs Tours around the world that we would take an epic tour to Australia.  With many miles under our wings, the time has finally come.  Our dedicated and friendly travelers with Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, developmental disabilities, attention deficit disorder, and/or other special needs will finally have a chance to travel to the land down under with our wonderful group of friends.  This is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity for you See The World, Make Friends, and Live Life!!!

We’ll fly to Melbourne, tour the city and the national parks along the coast.  Then, we’ll fly to Brisbane and head south along the coast visiting the city called Gold Coast, then Byron Bay, the Blue Mountains, Hunter Valley, and Sydney.

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a red kangaroo jumping around in the outback

A red kangaroo jumping around in the outback.

Gold Coast

Gold Coast, Australia


The Great Ocean Road, South of Melbourne

Koala Bears

Koala Bears

Australia Map

Australia map marking our main destinations

Tours are All-Inclusive with airfare from NY/NJ (unless otherwise stated), staff with a 5:1 ratio, 3 meals per day, ground transportation, and all activities costs as stated on the itinerary.  All tours must have a minimum of 20 people.  Travel Insurance is recommended.  Acceptance into the program is required.  The first step is to complete the Camper Application (linked).  Please call Frontier Travel Camp at 866-750-CAMP (2267) with any questions.

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